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Let's give a warm moment to our featured artists Wayne Healy and David Botello of East Los Streetscapers who have been beautifying the City of Los Angeles since the early 70's. May our city continue to welcome new murals and art by these two masters so that the generations to come can enjoy and learn from the values existing in their works.

(Photo Source:

T-Shirts for The Eulogy

New t-shirts and stickers we just printed for The Eulogy a Hardcore band from Southern California.






Each artist we work with has history of artistic contributions to explore. It is our duty as publishers, to explore the beauty each artist has that we feel would be great to offer to others and can lift our community through strong messages conveyed through art. Which is why we are posting these pictures taken by our friend Sal Rojas of of the mural by East Los Streetscapers' Wayne Healy and David Botello titled "Stairway to Global Health." This mural and work of such generous artists like that of the East Los Streetscapers is what our community needs more of. How can we help to bring more positive messages and imagery through art to the East Side?

Velasco Atelier Press would love to print with you. We have gathered all the necessary resources to make great prints happen for you. Here is a look at some of our favorite prints we have created for some of LA's talented artists:

Pop My Collar by Donna Bates is a fine art giclee rich in color which made the blue background and red on her lips pop. We used a nice heavy weight 300 gsm matte paper for Donna's prints. Super slick.

This is a photograph of a singer named Pearl Charles that was shot with lomograph camera by a very creative photographer named Angela Izzo. When we saw the photograph Angela wanted to print, we automatically suggested to print on a metallic silver acid free paper so that the clouds, light colors and colors of the rock/dirt background would pop in a way different than if it were to print on white paper. The end result shined like an angel.



Work in progress shot of new unreleased line drawing by East Los Streetscapers, David Botello and Wayne Healy, for an upcoming print published by Velasco Atelier Press. Please contact us at with any inquiries on the release date for this great new print. ‪


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